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Invasive Species

Invasive Species

New threats are moving into our communities. The latest threat is no bigger than your fingernail. There are three invasive mosquitoes that are making residents and health officials worried.

Learn more about the Asian Tiger Mosquito, Yellow Fever Mosquito, and Australian Backyard Mosquito

West Nile Virus

West Nile Virus


West Nile virus is in LA County. Do you know how to protect yourself from this mosquito-transmitted disease? Get the answers and facts you need to protect yourself and your family from this mosquito-borne disease

What is West Nile virus? | Get the Latest Stats

The Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District offers FREE science programs to schools within District boundaries. GLACVCD also provides materials and videos for educators, citizens and students.

A vector is any arthropod, insect, rodent or other animal of public health significance capable of harboring or transmitting the causative agents of human disease (e.g. malaria, plague) to humans. Under certain circumstances, insects or other arthropods that cause human discomfort or injury, but not disease, are sometimes referred to as vectors.