This is the size of an adult mosquito.

Are you experiencing bites? Do you need help with mosquitoes, black flies or midges? Requesting mosquitofish?  

If you need help with BEES, RODENTS (RATS) or FIRE ANTS? Please click HERE for the appropriate agency.

BEFORE YOU CONTINUE, please click HERE to be sure we can help you. This is a service to our residents at no extra cost. We service 35 cities and parts of unincorporated Los Angeles County.  If you are outside of our service area, visit to find the vector control agency serving you.

We are experiencing a very high call volume and will respond as soon as possible.  

Let us help you solve the problem while you wait. Immature mosquitoes develop in standing water, and do not fly far from the source. If you are getting bites, the water is very near by. Search around your property for ANY standing water (indoors or out) and REMOVE IT. Discard or thoroughly scrub any container found to remove mosquito eggs. Talk to your neighbors and help them do the same. Hundreds of mosquitoes can hatch out every day. Your small actions will make a big difference!

To protect yourself from bites, use an EPA registered repellent when outdoors. Check out this Repellent Tool Kit for help.