Zika swoops into neighborhoods undetected using travelers, new research confirms

A series of papers published about the spread of Zika virus shows startling information that confirms what many people have suspected: Aedes mosquitoes spread the Zika virus in Florida at least 3 times before it was finally detected. Up to 40 people may have contributed to the Florida Zika outbreaks. In areas such as Puerto Rico, the virus circulated about 5 months … Read More

“Size Matters Not” – May the 4th Be With You Against Mosquitoes

Star Wars fans certainly love May 4th. Forget the Death Star and TIE fighters, because  mosquitoes should have been the one trick up the Dark Side’s sleeves (maybe they’ll show up in Ep. 7?). Whether or not you love Star Wars, we all agree we dislike these small bloodsuckers. As we leave spring and enter summer, we can’t forget that it only … Read More