“Size Matters Not” – May the 4th Be With You Against Mosquitoes

Star Wars fans certainly love May 4th. Forget the Death Star and TIE fighters, because  mosquitoes should have been the one trick up the Dark Side’s sleeves (maybe they’ll show up in Ep. 7?). Whether or not you love Star Wars, we all agree we dislike these small bloodsuckers. As we leave spring and enter summer, we can’t forget that it only … Read More

GLACVCD 2012 – Year in Review

Many parts of the nation experienced record numbers of West Nile virus (WNV) cases this year. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported this week more than 5,245 cases of WNV in people, including 236 deaths nationwide so far this year. Locally, the year began as a relatively moderate one until WNV activity spiked in August. In comparison to recent … Read More

Knocking Out West Nile Virus

District staff members launched two door-to-door campaigns during the month of August in response to extremely high levels of West Nile virus activity throughout all of Greater Los Angeles County this summer. The District adheres to an aggressive, year-round mosquito abatement, surveillance and public outreach program; however, epidemic years call for additional outreach and control measures to protect the public … Read More