Picking Insect Repellent Shouldn’t be Confusing

July 2, 2015 For a few lucky people, mosquitoes don’t touch them. But for the rest of us, summer fun can be interrupted with incessant scratching and swatting. And, as we all know, mosquito bites can transmit diseases to us in Los Angeles County. When we finally make the decision to go to the store to buy repellent, the store’s selection of insect repellent … Read More

Declare your Independence from Bug Bites

July 1, 2015 While grilling around your barbecue with family, you may encounter mosquitoes that could transmit West Nile Virus. Our country’s founding fathers would most likely support a bite-free celebration free of mosquito-borne diseases, including West Nile virus. As freedom rings for independence on the Fourth of July, remember these simple declarations to liberate yourself from pesky mosquitoes and the … Read More

Are you Ready for Summer?

It’s only April, but the District is preparing for a busy – and possibly itchy – summer, and advises you and your family to do the same. The District joins other public health agencies to kick off the mosquito season with West Nile Virus and Mosquito & Vector Control Awareness Week from April 20 to April 26. During Mosquito Awareness … Read More

Identifying Mosquito Traps in your Neighborhood

District uses traps to catch mosquitoes for West Nile virus testing You may have noticed funny-looking contraptions hanging from trees or nestled along fence lines in your neighborhood.  Pictured here, these are mosquito traps used by GLACVCD as part of its Disease Surveillance Program.  The traps lure and capture mosquitoes, which are subsequently counted, identified and tested to determine the … Read More

Why Are There Mosquitoes in my Flower Pot?

Most people know that mosquitoes breed in standing water around the home and that neglected pools and ponds can produce millions of mosquitoes. Many people, however, forget about the multitude of other places where mosquitoes can breed. An overlooked birdbath, for instance, has the potential to generate thousands of mosquitoes, especially during the warm summer months. This summer, GLACVCD encourages … Read More

West Nile Virus and Mosquito & Vector Control Awareness Week

April 2011 Residents are reminded to prevent mosquito bites and breeding Warm temperatures provide the ideal climate for mosquito breeding. The month of May is heating up and mosquito breeding will continue to increase with the climate throughout the summer months. Coinciding with the arrival of mosquito season, the California State Legislature declared the week of April 24-30, 2011 as … Read More

Protect your Pets from the Western Treehole Mosquito

You may have noticed all the media coverage recently about the Aedes sierrensis mosquito, which is more commonly known as the Western Treehole Mosquito. This mosquito species can typically be found in California’s foothills and mountains, but a neighboring mosquito control district in San Gabriel Valley recently discovered heightened Western Treehole Mosquito numbers in their surveillance traps, triggering some concern … Read More