Study Prediction: More mosquito species can transmit Zika

  A recent study is causing some concern: Up to 35 total mosquitoes are capable of transmitting Zika virus, including species already known to be Zika vectors. Here is the list of possible mosquitoes that can vector (transmit) Zika virus, according to the study: Before we all start diving into our mosquito-proof bunkers, it is important to point out that … Read More

Study Highlight: Butterfly Bushes Attract Mosquitoes Laying Eggs

1/08/16 Do you have a butterfly bush (Buddleja davidii) in your yard? A recent study showed that mosquitoes tend to lay their eggs in containers of stagnant water closest to a butterfly bush. Mosquitoes can be attracted to these butterfly bushes In their paper, the researchers concluded that "significantly more eggs were oviposited in containers adjacent to flowering butterfly bushes than ... Read More