Zika swoops into neighborhoods undetected using travelers, new research confirms

A series of papers published about the spread of Zika virus shows startling information that confirms what many people have suspected: Aedes mosquitoes spread the Zika virus in Florida at least 3 times before it was finally detected. Up to 40 people may have contributed to the Florida Zika outbreaks. In areas such as Puerto Rico, the virus circulated about 5 months … Read More

Invasive mosquitoes are in Silver Lake. Here’s What You Can Do About It

A special post in paternership with the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council April 2016 Autumn 2015 marks the first time our agency confirmed Aedes mosquitoes in Silver Lake. And just last month, we found them again around people’s homes. Aedes mosquitoes are invasive to the area and are excellent vectors (transmitters) of diseases such as Zika and dengue viruses. The health department has ... Read More

Zika Virus: Health agencies issue travel alert for Central and South America and the Caribbean

1/19/16 In a recent media release, CDC warned travelers to protect themselves from mosquito bites due to transmission of Zika virus. The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) also issued a similar travel advisory (PDF). Currently, there are "reports in Brazil of microcephaly and other poor pregnancy outcomes in babies of mothers who were infected with Zika virus while pregnant." Zika virus ... Read More

“Size Matters Not” – May the 4th Be With You Against Mosquitoes

Star Wars fans certainly love May 4th. Forget the Death Star and TIE fighters, because  mosquitoes should have been the one trick up the Dark Side’s sleeves (maybe they’ll show up in Ep. 7?). Whether or not you love Star Wars, we all agree we dislike these small bloodsuckers. As we leave spring and enter summer, we can’t forget that it only … Read More

Chikungunya — Chikun-wha? Say that Again?

In the past few weeks, media outlets across the country have increasingly reported on chikungunya (chik-en-gun-ye) cases. No, it’s not a new fad and it doesn’t involve selfies. Chikungunya is an illness caused by a virus that spreads through mosquito bites. There have been more than 50 cases of people infected with chikungunya travelling back to the U.S. from the … Read More