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Zika Virus: Health agencies issue travel alert for Central and South America and the Caribbean

1/19/16 In a recent media release, CDC warned travelers to protect themselves from mosquito bites due to transmission of Zika virus. The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) also issued a similar travel advisory (PDF). Currently, there are "reports in Brazil of microcephaly and other poor pregnancy outcomes in babies of mothers who were infected with Zika virus while pregnant." Zika virus ... Read More

Study Highlight: Butterfly Bushes Attract Mosquitoes Laying Eggs

1/08/16 Do you have a butterfly bush (Buddleja davidii) in your yard? A recent study showed that mosquitoes tend to lay their eggs in containers of stagnant water closest to a butterfly bush. Mosquitoes can be attracted to these butterfly bushes In their paper, the researchers concluded that "significantly more eggs were oviposited in containers adjacent to flowering butterfly bushes than ... Read More

How to Keep Mosquitoes Out of Rain Barrels

 Rain barrels are great at capturing rainwater. However, if not maintained properly, your water conservation efforts can come back to bite you! One of the most common problems with rain barrels is mosquito breeding. Did you know thousands of mosquitoes can emerge from standing water in a rain barrel every week? Here are a few tips to help you keep those ... Read More

Record Number of Service Requests for November

In our recent Board of Trustees meeting, our staff reported a very active November this year, compared to previous years. Increased awareness about the invasive Aedes mosquitoes and spikes in temperatures in autumn, we received more than 500 service requests throughout our District. That's an average of more than 25 Service Requests per working day! Note: The graph doesn't show current numbers ... Read More

Need help with bees, rats, fire ants or other creatures?

Our agency provides services and programs for mosquitoes, invasive mosquitoes, aquatic midges, and simulium black flies. To save you time it takes to redirect your request to another agency, please contact the agencies below depending on the issue: Bees: LA County Agricultural Commissioner of Weights and Measures – (626) 575-5471 or their Bee Hotline at 1-800-BEE-WARY (1-800-233-9279) Fire Ants: County Ag. Comm. – (626) 575-4251, (888) … Read More

Yellow Fever Mosquitoes in Montebello: What You Need to Know

November 2015 Thank you to everyone in Montebello who are eliminating standing water from around their home. This means less water for mosquitoes to lay their eggs! But the fight isn’t over. Our specialists recently found the invasive Aedes aegypti (yellow fever mosquito) in Montebllo. While we're searching people's properties, we cannot be in everyone's yards; We need your help! How Do ... Read More

Tiger Mosquito Community Meeting: Los Angeles 11/2 at 6pm

On the heels of news that Asian tiger mosquitoes were confirmed in Silver Lake and Elysian Valley neighborhoods, Los Angeles City Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell announced Tuesday he will host a public meeting aimed at arming residents with information on how to protect their families and homes from the potentially harmful insects. The community meeting will be held on Monday, November 2, ... Read More

Tiger Mosquitoes Confirmed in Silver Lake, Los Angeles

October 2015 Thanks to a resident who reported unusually high mosquito activity, our specialists responded and confirmed the existence of Asian tiger mosquitoes (Aedes albopictus) in Silver Lake. What's the Big Deal? Sure, we've lived with mosquitoes in LA. But we're not familiar with these types of mosquitoes. They can spread exotic diseases such as yellow fever, dengue, and chikungunya. ... Read More

Invasion Continues: Yellow fever mosquitoes confirmed in Montclair, CA

October 2015 On September 22, 2015, the West Valley Mosquito and Vector Control District confirmed the presence of Aedes aegypti (yellow fever) mosquitoes. Mosquitoes have been around, what's new about this mosquito? They can spread exotic diseases such as yellow fever, dengue, and chikungunya. They bite aggressively during the day (Think about everyone you know who are outdoors during the day). The ... Read More

FREE Tire Recycling on 10/17 at Whittier Narrows

Do you have old tires? [EVENT UPDATED WITH NEW TIME] Bring your used tires to our FREE Tire Recycling Event. October 17, 2015 Saturday 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. How does this help fight mosquitoes? Mosquitoes love to lay eggs in old, unused tires When you join your neighbors in removing old tires, you get rid of potential mosquito "homes" Restrictions: ... Read More