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The District Welcomes New Trustees in 2012

Five New Trustees Appointed The District’s governing power is vested in its 35 member Board of Trustees. One trustee is appointed by each of 34 cities and the County Board of Supervisors appoints one to represent unincorporated areas of LA County. To be appointed, the member must reside in and be a resident voter of the representative city (or county … Read More

Mosquito Related New Year’s Resolutions

Have you already set your resolutions? How much weight are you going to lose? What new language are you going to learn this year? Well, we know you’re busy with all of your other goals so here is a list of mosquito-related New Year’s resolutions that will keep you free from West Nile virus and other mosquito-borne diseases: I will … Read More

GLACVCD Welcomes Second SEED Program Cohort District Staff Teach and Learn

SEED Cohort II Group Photo Californians enjoy an envious lifestyle in many regards. As far as vector control is concerned, residents are privileged to have five vector control districts within Greater Los Angeles County and over 65 throughout the state protecting their health. With ecologists, vector control specialists, and public education staff under its helm, GLACVCD is effective in defending … Read More

Asian Tiger Mosquitoes Invade Los Angeles County

Measuring just ¼ of an inch long, the black-and-white striped Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus) is a force to be reckoned with. This insect is an aggressive, day-time biter and can transmit a slue of debilitating diseases such as dengue, chikungunya, and other encephalitis viruses. This mosquito species is native to Southeast Asia but has managed to infiltrate other areas … Read More

Knocking Out West Nile Virus

District staff members launched two door-to-door campaigns during the month of August in response to extremely high levels of West Nile virus activity throughout all of Greater Los Angeles County this summer. The District adheres to an aggressive, year-round mosquito abatement, surveillance and public outreach program; however, epidemic years call for additional outreach and control measures to protect the public … Read More

Supervisor Hangs Up Hat After 30 Years of Service

On Tuesday, June 14, GLACVCD staff members gathered at the District’s Sylmar office to bid a happy retirement to Operations Supervisor Russell Gabel, whose long career with the District spanned three decades. The low-key retirement celebration included catered food and recounting fond memories. General Manager Kenneth Bayless, Director of Operations Mark Daniel and Trustee Meredith Perkins from Downey all shared … Read More

Diamond Bar City Council Recognizes 5th Grade Student Jessy Lau

The Diamond Bar City Council recognized fifth-grade student Jessy Lau on Tuesday, June 7 for being the grand prize winner of GLACVCD’s Second Annual Bite Back Against Mosquito Attacks Student Poster Contest. Lau attends Mt. Calvary Elementary School in Diamond Bar, California. Education Program Coordinators LeShawn Simplis and Andy Pak showcased Lau’s winning artwork in front of the Diamond Bar … Read More

Identifying Mosquito Traps in your Neighborhood

District uses traps to catch mosquitoes for West Nile virus testing You may have noticed funny-looking contraptions hanging from trees or nestled along fence lines in your neighborhood.  Pictured here, these are mosquito traps used by GLACVCD as part of its Disease Surveillance Program.  The traps lure and capture mosquitoes, which are subsequently counted, identified and tested to determine the … Read More

Why Are There Mosquitoes in my Flower Pot?

Most people know that mosquitoes breed in standing water around the home and that neglected pools and ponds can produce millions of mosquitoes. Many people, however, forget about the multitude of other places where mosquitoes can breed. An overlooked birdbath, for instance, has the potential to generate thousands of mosquitoes, especially during the warm summer months. This summer, GLACVCD encourages … Read More