Disease Watch: West Nile Virus Activity Includes More Human Cases and Mosquitoes

Have you checked the West Nile virus human case counts on the County of Los Angeles Dept. of Public Health’s website recently? Or how about the number of mosquito samples we’ve collected that have turned up West Nile virus positive?

All signs currently point to an active West Nile virus (WNV) year…and it’s not over. Mosquitoes can stay active in SoCal until late November (we’re definitely not thankful for that!).

As of this post, there are more than 45 human cases in L.A. County and more than 260 WNV-positive mosquito samples in just our District alone!

Note: There are 5 mosquito control districts that serve nearly all of L.A. County

What Can The Busy Citizen Do About This?

Like many other public health and safety issues…it starts at home. Literally.

Look for any standing water around your yard or patio. Dump them out once a week or refresh the water once a week. Keep things clean around the home.

For more tips, click HERE.

Mosquito bites are annoying and embarrassing, but they can be accompanied by viruses that you do not want.