Study Prediction: More mosquito species can transmit Zika


A recent study is causing some concern: Up to 35 total mosquitoes are capable of transmitting Zika virus, including species already known to be Zika vectors.

Here is the list of possible mosquitoes that can vector (transmit) Zika virus, according to the study:

Before we all start diving into our mosquito-proof bunkers, it is important to point out that the list is a prediction of possible Zika vectors to explore further.

“I want to stress that all of these are just predictions that need to be validated by empirical work,” said lead author Michelle V. Evans to Science Daily. Evans is a UGA doctoral student in ecology and conservation. “We are suggesting that people who are doing that work should focus on these species first.”

This study, like all good scientific research, acts as a building block of existing knowledge. Studies challenge future studies to improve/disprove results so we can make sure we get a clear picture.

What Should We Do About This Study?

Just know that all mosquitoes need water to start out their life cycles. Whether the mosquitoes transmit Zika, West Nile virus or any other pathogens, the best way to reduce risks of outbreaks is to eliminate the standing water around our homes.

It’s that simple: Get rid of standing water = No mosquito worries.

Keep up the fight, residents.


Levy Sun, Public Information Officer