Are There Mosquitoes in YOUR Garden?


Nick Federoff of Things Green fame recently spent time hanging out with us learning about our most recent Invasive Aedes threat.

He was quite impressed to learn that we truly practice IVM – Integrated Vector Management whereby we work hard to proactively prevent mosquito reproduction through water source elimination or management, education, and environmentally sensitive mosquito control.

He spent time in our lab, learning about the District’s strong surveillance program which monitors mosquito populations and disease activity and provides valuable information that help direct our control and education programs.  Then out to the field with the District’s Underground Stormdrain Crew, peering into the city’s underbelly where mosquitoes thrive. He wrapped up his day with Mark Daniel, the District’s Director of Operations, seeing underground drains, rain gutters, and rain barrels from a mosquito’s perspective.

Nick airs on PBS’s (KLCS) Things Green, and Saturday mornings on KCAL9. Check out and watch KLCS this Friday, and September 21st at 9AM to learn how you can keep your garden mosquito-free!