West Nile Virus Update — It’s Back

It’s not really a surprise, since we see it every single year. But MANY people are surprised that West Nile virus (WNV) is still a problem in LA County. So far this year, we have confirmed WNV infected mosquitoes from the communities of Sylmar and Cudahy. (See the latest West Nile virus statistics)

The California Department of Public Health recently reported that record-breaking West Nile virus activity in 2014 may very well be related to California’s ongoing drought.  They note that in drought years, wild birds and mosquitoes come together at limited water sources increasing the risk of disease amplification and transmission.

If you look around your yards right now, we bet you will find something holding rainwater and providing a perfect mosquito nursery.

Female mosquitoes love to lay their eggs in even the smallest containers holding water. Eggs laid one day, can complete their life cycle and become biting adults in as little as 5 days… so, do yourself a favor, and DUMP out that water and TRASH those containers.

By Kelly Middleton, Director of Community Affairs


*About WNV stats table: Human cases reported by Los Angeles County Department of Public Health