West Nile Virus Statistics

WNV Activity From Mosquito Samples and Dead Birds

2014 Activity Summary

Case Breakdown 2014
Mosquito Samples 0
Dead Birds 2
Chickens 0
Humans* 0 (0**)

Page updated March, 2014

*Number of people within GLACVCD jurisdiction. Get county-wide data at County of LA Public Health


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2013 Monthly Mosquito Samples

2013 Monthly Dead Birds

Data from Previous Years

2014 Monthly Mosquito Samples


City or Community Zip Code(s) Number of WNV+ mosquito samples collected

Total: 0

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2014 Monthly Summary - Dead Birds

All birds reported are American Crows.

March 2014 Dead Birds

City or Community Zip Code(s) WNV+ dead bird
Long Beach 90808 2
Total: 2

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Yearly Activity Summary

Case Breakdown 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
Mosquito Samples 472 91 56 448 318 393
Dead Birds 259 38 31 159 70 75
Chickens 37 0 0 40 26 50
Humans* 83(15**) 8(1) 1 44 (2) 95 (2) 104 (5)

*Numbers indicate how many people tested positive for West Nile virus within GLACVCD. For Los Angeles County-wide numbers, please visit the County of Los Angeles Public Health website


Up-to-date West Nile virus statistics for all counties in California and additional information can be viewed at the CA Department of Public Health website. Just visit www.westnile.ca.gov.

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District Programs

There are a number of Mosquito Species and Mosquito-Borne Diseases known to occur within the Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District.

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