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Request a presentation about vector control today!We offer the following for free to the communities we serve:

  • Speakers for your next meeting and any public engagement
  • Staff a booth at your next fair, convention or event
  • Help with student projects related to vector control, West Nile virus and related public health topics

Please contact Levy Sun, public information officer at 562-944-9656 x511 or Please provide at least a two week notice so that we can better accommodate your requests.

In addition to providing vector surveillance and control, the District also conducts outreach activities. We are proud to offer our services to teach the community about vector control and how it impacts everyday lives in the Los Angeles County area. From participating in community events to speaking at meetings about West Nile virus, Public Information is the community's resource about vector control.

Where we've presented in the past:

  • Science clubs
  • School programs/projects
  • City council meetings
  • Neighborhood watch groups
  • Service organizations like Lions Clubs International
  • Businesses that work where there are mosquitoes and other vectors

The Public Information Officer

The Public Information Officer (PIO) coordinates the Public Information Program. The PIO provides strategic direction for a comprehensive public relations campaign, promoting awareness and support of District activities amongst the member communities it serves. The PIO handles multiple projects, including representing the District in media and community relations appearances, preparing news releases, speaking at public engagements, coordinating community events, launching and distributing District identity and promotional materials, designing and distributing the Buzzword newsletter, creating brochures and flyers, and preparing instructional materials for exhibits, reports, and video programs.

Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District interviews with reporters Presentation at a fair

For more information about any of these events or to schedule an information booth at one of your upcoming events, please contact Levy Sun, Public Information Officer at 562-944-9656 x511.

District Programs

There are a number of Mosquito Species and Mosquito-Borne Diseases known to occur within the Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District.

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