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Dangerous Asian tiger mosquito identified within District boundaries

Asian tiger mosquito

The Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus) has been identified within District boundaries in the City of South El Monte. This agressive, day-biting mosquito is approximately 1/4 inch with distinctive black and white banding. This moquito species is a competent transmitter of many debilitating diseases such as yellow fever, dengue, chikungunya and several other encephalitis viruses. If you have seen this mosquito or have been bit by a mosquito during the day, please REPORT the situation and help us to eliminate this threat.

The Asian tiger mosquito survives well near humans and lays eggs in water-filled containers. Follow these tips to help prevent this mosquito from taking up residence around your home:

•Dump out standing water from containers and clean them out using a towel and bleach to remove any remaining eggs
•Dispose of or remove unused containers and potential breeding sources such as old tires, cans and buckets

•Check for and eliminate standing water in natural sources such as tree holes, lucky bamboo, bromeliads and other flowering plants

•Eliminate all standing water around your property; this mosquito will lay eggs next to even the smallest amount of standing water

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