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There's an invasive daytime-biting, black-and-white mosquito in LA County. Do I have to Worry?

Mosquitoes and warm weather go hand-in-hand. Now we have another type of mosquitoes to fight: Asian tiger mosquito, Australian backyard mosquito and yellow fever mosquito. Currently, the mosquito isn't a public health threat. However, the presence of these daytime-biting mosquitoes increases the threat of new diseases to emerge in your community.

So What Do I have to Worry About?

As temperatures get warmer, the threat of West Nile virus increases throughout LA County, including the area we cover. It is transmitted by the bite of an infected mosquito. Unfortunately, there is no cure and no vaccine. Learn more about West Nile virus HERE.

asian tiger mosquito

In addition to West Nile virus, the Asian tiger mosquito threat in El Monte and South El Monte continues to pose a public health risk. Compared to Ae. notoscriptus, this is a bigger threat because it is more capable of transmitting debilitating diseases. Learn more about the Asian tiger mosquito HERE.

“The increasing mosquito activity in the Greater Los Angeles County is a reminder that the summer mosquito breeding season is here and residents need to take measures to protect against mosquito bites and disease transmission,” says Kelly Middleton, Director of Community Affairs for Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District (GLACVCD).

If you are still wondering how mosquito-borne diseases can impact you, watch what the following people have to say about their experiences with West Nile virus.

What GLACVCD is Doing to Protect You What You can Do

• Scientific-Technical Services: The staff of Vector Ecologists perform surveillance and monitor mosquito activities. Read more about what they do HERE.

• Operations: Vector Control Specialists are in your community controlling mosquitoes, midges and black flies. Read more about what they do HERE.


• Community Outreach: The Education Program Coordinators and Public Information Officer promote public awareness of District services, and educates the public about vectors, vector-borne diseases, and other vector control issues. Read more about what they do HERE.

• Providing Prompt Alerts: Sign up for our e-alerts HERE, which includes our Buzzword newsletter and press releases. Be informed, stay safe!

Receive Alerts

• Virus Activity Reporting: We believe a healthy and safe community should have access to public health information. That is why we provide you past and present virus activity. You can see it HERE.

Report any dead birds you see to http://westnile.ca.gov/. Birds play important roles in the transmission cycle of West Nile virus in your neighborhood.

Experiencing a mosquito problem or dirty source in your community? Report it! Anonymous reporting is available. Our visits are FREE to residents and business owners in our District. You can submit a service request by calling 562-944-9656 or visiting www.glacvcd.org.


Invite us to present about the public health threat in your city! Our community outreach team can accommodate presentations at churches, fairs, city council meetings and more! To request a presentation, call 562-944-9656 or email communityaffairs@glacvcd.org.

Read more tips about how to protect yourself, your family and your neighbors HERE.

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There are a number of Mosquito Species and Mosquito-Borne Diseases known to occur within the Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District.

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